Egg Donor Guide to Getting Your Donor Application Accepted

The Egg Donor's Guide to Getting Your Donor Application Accepted

By Jenna Lake October 17, 2021 Egg Donors

So you're thinking about becoming an egg donor…you've conducted research, identified the right fertility clinic where you can donate your eggs and help Intended Parents build their families. Additionally, you’ve contacted their donor program coordinator and now, you have access to their online application only to feel suddenly overwhelmed with the amount of information needed & time required to complete your profile.

Don't stress – follow these 5 actionable tips for getting accepted by the clinic, getting noticed by Intended Parents, and ultimately – getting matched for your first egg donor cycle.

1. Take a Deep Breath…

And don't let the number of questions or the amount of information overwhelm you. Make sure that you understand what is being asked of you, and what information you may need to research or request from family members. Pretend you are an Intended Parent searching for their ideal egg donor—what are the kinds of things you would like to see & read about that would help you bond with an egg donor's profile?

2. Be Truthful…

And please do not lie or leave out any information even if you are worried it may reflect negatively on you. You will be asked for a detailed medical and family history and to be prepared to discuss this data with a genetic counselor down the road. What might be a concern for one Intended Parent – say, family members with substance abuse or cancer – may not scare off another. Folks looking to build their family via egg donation understand that not everyone is perfect.

3. Get Chatty…

And be prepared to devote time & energy to completing your application. One-word answers are certainly easier to write than sentences, but they won't help you connect with Intended Parents. Be authentic and express your personality by letting them know what makes you tick, as well as the stuff that challenges you. Here is your opportunity to highlight accomplishments, while being real and bringing the human element to your online profile. Don't be afraid to express yourself.

4. Paint a Picture…

And stand out from others by submitting a range of images that capture your essence. Include quality photos from infancy, through childhood, to present day. These snapshots provide Intended Parents with the opportunity to see, and to appreciate, your beauty and uniqueness. Submit a profile picture that depicts your natural look without too much makeup and definitely, NO FILTERS. Get creative by including photos showing off your personality, hobbies, pets – the whole spectrum of what makes you…YOU. While it's quick and easy to snap selfies in the car, your photo choice is the single most important aspect of your profile, at least by first glance. So spend time and effort by choosing quality pictures that proves you are taking this process seriously.

5. Review before hitting "Submit…"

And make certain you've answer all the questions; don't leave anything blank. Write in full sentences, double check your spelling and grammar, read your responses out loud to make sure they make sense and are thoughtful replies to the question being asked. Providing a complete profile of yourself will help potential parents identify with you and make it more likely that you'll be chosen as their egg donor.

Above all else, remember that you are offering the most precious gift of all and there is no greater reward than the satisfaction that comes with helping others create their families!